How to Remove Greasy Food Stains from Clothes

How to Remove Greasy Food Stains from Clothes and Textiles

Expert Tips

Our expert tips will help you remove greasy food stains from clothes and textiles, leaving you with fresh, clean laundry.

Removing greasy food stains such as from fried food, sauces, butter, cooking oil and melted cheese can be tricky. To help you we have put together a simple guide to removing these annoying greasy food stains.

Your best chance of removing greasy food stains from clothes and textiles is when it is fresh. Stains become fixed in to fabrics after washing and tumble drying.

Use a Laundry Emulsifier for Best Results

Use a laundry emulsifier to remove grease and oil stains from clothes and textiles. Add approximately 2 to 15ml of a good laundry emulsifier per kg dry fabric weight to your wash. Adjust the dosage depending on the level of staining.

For best results add the laundry emulsifier at the start of a pre-wash cycle with a low temperature below 30 degrees Celsius. This allows the emulsifier to break down the greasy stain before the main hot wash fixes it in to the fabric.

If you are washing a lot of greasy and oily stained textiles, such as restaurant or kitchen linen, it is recommended to use a pre-wash cycle.

Use a Good Laundry Detergent

A good laundry detergent will also help breakdown greasy stains on clothes and textiles

Use a biological washing powder in lower wash temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius. Biological washing powders contain enzymes which help break down stains at lower temperatures.

Use a non-biological washing powder in hotter wash temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius. Non-biological washing powders contain more oxidising bleach for powerful stain removal on both white and coloured fabrics. As a result in hotter washes non-biological powders can be very effective at removing a wide range of stains.

Pre-treating Greasy and Oily Stains

To remove stubborn greasy food stains from clothes you may need to pre-treat the stain using a concentrated spotter. Only use a spotter that is designed specifically to remove oil and grease based stains.

Apply a few drops of a concentrated spotter to the stain and gently work in to the fabric using a spatula or soft spotting brush.

Always do a hem test first before applying a concentrated spotter to a textile, particularly delicate fabrics.

A hem test is where a few drops of the spotter are applied to the hem. If there is any colour lift on the hem do not apply the spotter to any other areas of the garment.

Recommended Products for Removing Greasy Food Stains

Our recommended products for removing greasy food stains from clothes and textiles are:

Emulsifier – Use our best selling Laundry Emulsifier 20 litres.

Biological Washing Powder – Use our Seikomat Professional 15kg biological washing powder, with powerful stain removal properties in wash temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and higher.

Non-Biological Washing Powder – Use our Laundry Destaining Powder Saponmatic Hygiene 20kg non-biological washing powder, with very powerful stain removal properties in wash temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius and higher.

Concentrated Spotter – Use our Detaprofi Lacex pre-spotter for oil and grease based stains. Available in 1 litre bottles or 5 litre drums. Also, available as part of our very useful Detaprofi Spotting Kit which contains 6 x 250ml spotters for removing nearly all types of stains.