Spotting Chemicals Definitive Guide

Read our Definitive Guide to Spotting Chemicals to find out how to remove stubborn stains in Laundry and Dry Cleaning. To download a PDF version of the below Spotting Chart click here.

Spotting Chart Definitive Guide

Spotting Chemicals Definitive Guide

We prepared our definitive guide to Spotting Chemicals with our partners in BÜFA.

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of dry cleaning, laundry and wet cleaning products. Founded over 100 years ago, BÜFA now supply many of the leading dry cleaners and commercial laundries across Europe.

How to Use Spotting Chemicals in Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Please note our spotters are for professional use only by dry cleaners and commercial laundries.

Select the most appropriate spotter to use depending on the type of stain. Use our helpful Spotting Chart to choose the correct spotting agent.

Always perform a hem test when first applying Spotters to any textile, in particular delicates. If the hem test causes any colour lift do not use Spotters on stained area of textile.

Apply a few drops of Spotter to stain. Moreover, remember to use powerful spotting agents sparingly!

Use a spatula or spotting brush to gently work in Detaprofi Series Spotters to the stained area. Mechanical action helps loosen stains. However, do not apply a spatula or spotting brush to very delicate fibres where there is a risk of causing damage.

Leave Spotter to react with stain for up to 20 minutes maximum.

Rinse out Spotter prior to putting textiles in to dry cleaning machine. However, this step is not required if textile is being cleaned in water i.e. laundry or wet cleaning.

The only exception is Detaprofi Ferex which should be rinsed out prior to putting treated texitle in a washing machine. This is to avoid Ferex from corroding a washing drum machine because of it’s very powerful cleaning properties.

Cover over wet area with pre-brushing soap prior to dry cleaning because this helps improve stain removal results.

See How to Use Spotters Correctly

Check out this very helpful video from Buefa which demonstrates how to use stain removal spotting agents correctly.

Buefa are market leaders in manufacturing premium spotters for dry cleaning and laundry in their factory in Oldenburg, Germany.

Great Value 6 x 250ml Spotting Chemicals Kit

Buy our best selling Detaprofi Series Spotting Kit in order to remove stubborn stains. Each Kit comprises the following 6 spotters in easy to use 250ml bottles:

Blodex removes blood and food stains including chocolate, jam, ketchup and sauces.

Ferex removes rust and metal stains.

Lacex removes grease, paint and oil stains.

Medex removes drug and ointment stains.

Tanex removes tannin stains including coffee, fruit juice, red wine and tea.

Detasolv Dry Spotter removes oil based stains including glue, paint, resin and varnish stains.

As a result of specially designed nozzle on each spotter, simply apply a few drops of stain remover directly to stained area.

Use the Spatula provided in the spotting kit to gently work in the spotter in the stained area of the fabric. This will help to loosen the stain.

However, do not apply a spatula or spotting brush to very delicate fibres where there is a risk of causing damage.

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