Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products & Supplies at bargain prices! Wide range of commercial and household cleaning products produced by the Swiss Company, Roesch. Buy now to get fast delivery across Ireland and UK.

Commercial Cleaning Products & Supplies

Order commercial cleaning products and supplies at bargain prices. Choose from our wide range of kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, glass and window cleaners. Also, buy our best selling limescale remover and washing up liquid.

Use our industrial strength commercial cleaning products to cut through even tough stains. Also, save cleaning time because our commercial cleaning products are ready to use. No need to dilute first.

Buy our commercial cleaning products and supplies and save money because of our bargain prices!

Order Cleaning Trigger Sprays (Bathroom, Kitchen, Multi-Surface and Window) for ONLY €1.15+VAT for 1 litre! Yes, that’s 33% LARGER than most other cleaning sprays which are only 750ml.

Buy Commercial Kitchen Cleaner 4 litres for ONLY €2.99+VAT!

Purchase Commercial Washing Up Liquid 4 litres for ONLY €3.25+VAT!

In addition, use Tin Window Cleaner to clean glass and windows in commercial and industrial premises ONLY €2.99+VAT for 4 litres!

Get fast delivery across Ireland and UK because we keep large stocks in our warehouse in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth.

Household Cleaning Products and Supplies

Choose from our wide range of household cleaning products and supplies at bargain prices!

Clean your bathrooms, kitchen and windows with our best selling 1 litre trigger sprays ONLY €1.15+VAT!

Easily cut through even tough greasy stains with our ready to use trigger sprays. As a result no need to dilute them first.

Kitchen Cleaning Products

Use Kitchen Cleaner Tin Power Trigger Spray 1 litre to cut through tough greasy food stains on kitchen surfaces. Also, buy Tin Kitchen Cleaner in 4 litre drums to refill trigger spray bottles. ONLY €2.99+VAT!

Use Disinfectant Surface Cleaner Spray 500ml to clean and disinfectant hard surfaces including food preparation areas. Independently tested to be food safe. Also, ready to use and no need to dilute. Plus ONLY €1.99+VAT!

Purchase our best selling floor cleaner to get clean floors that sparkle. Easily remove dirt and grime with Tin Floor Cleaner ONLY €1.15+ VAT for 1.5 litres!

Buy Tin Dishwasher Tablets in handy packs of 15 for ONLY 95c+VAT! Also available in packs of 100 for the great value of €6.55+VAT!

Purchase Tin Power Gel to unblock kitchen sink holes and drains. Quickly dissolves dirt and grease and ONLY €2.99+VAT for 1 litre!

Struggling to clean surfaces such as stainless steel draining boards, enamel and porcelain? Use Tin Scouring Cream to cut through stubborn stains and also leave a fresh lemon scent ONLY 99c+VAT for 750ml!

Buy our best selling Tin Fresh Lemon Washing Up Liquid ONLY 99c+VAT for 750ml! Or choose Danny Lemon Power 1.5 litres Washing Up Liquid ONLY €1.20+VAT!

Both washing up liquids easily cut through even tough grease, leaving glasses and plates squeaky clean! Also, long lasting suds and lemon scent.

Bathroom Cleaning Products

Spray Tin Anti-Calc Bathroom Cleaner to quickly remove dirt and leave bathroom surfaces squeaky clean and sparkingly. ONLY €1.15+VAT for 1 litre!

Use Calcex to remove limescale from shower heads and nozzles. A best seller because of it’s effectiveness and also value ONLY €2.99+VAT for 1.5 litres!

Buy Tin WC Extra Power to leave toilets clean and with a lovely fresh fragrance, rather than smelling of bleach. Easily apply even to hard to reach parts of a toilet because of the special neck. As a result of it’s powerful cleaning results Tin WC Extra Power is a best seller and ONLY €1.60+VAT!

Looking for hand soaps with a lovely fragrance whilst also gentle on skin? Choose Swiss Balsam or Swiss Rose in 500ml bottles for ONLY 85c+VAT!

Glass and Window Cleaning Products

Get sparkling glass and gleaming windows in minutes with no smears! Simply spray Tin Window Cleaner on to glass and windows, then wipe grease and dirt clean. No need to dilute and ready to use. Plus great value because ONLY €1.15+VAT for 1 litre!

Save money and refill trigger sprays with Tin Window Cleaner 4 litre drums  ONLY €2.99+VAT!

Carpet Cleaning Products

Buy Lavenium TP carpet cleaning detergent and get carpets and upholstery really clean and bright. Suitable to use in all commercial, industrial or household carpet cleaning machines. Also, dissolves greasy stains and dries quickly. An excellent choice, ONLY €35.95+VAT for 10 litres!