Ozerna Evolve 25kg

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Ozerna Evolve 25kg Green Ecological Liquid Laundry Detergent. Made from 100% renewable raw materials and highly concentrated formula. Dissolves fatty and protein stains from 40° C!

Phosphate free and also free of optical brighteners. Also, certified according to EU Ecolabel.

Ozerna Evolve delivers powerful cleaning results even in hard water areas because of it’s alkaline formula. For best results when washing heavily stained textiles use Ozerna Evole in a pre and main wash as follows:

  • In soft and medium hard water areas add 6ml per kg of laundry to pre-wash. Then add 4ml per kg of laundry to main wash.
  • In hard water areas add 8ml per kg of laundry to pre-wash. Then add 6ml per kg of laundry to main wash.

To wash lightly soiled textiles where a pre-wash is not required add Ozerna Evolve to the main wash as follows:

  • 8ml per kg of laundry in soft water areas.
  • 10ml per kg of laundry in hard water areas.

Use Ozerna Evolve as a green ecologoical alternative to wash white linen, chefs uniforms, kitchen cloths and white towels. Great at removing fat and protein stains at low temperatures. Also, very effective at restoring a bright whiteness to textiles.

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