Lival Licker Konz 5 litres

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Use Lival Licker Konz 5 litres to re-grease leathers and silks in dry cleaning or wet cleaning. Renews natural, supple feel of leathers and suedes. Also, refreshes colours of silk textiles.

After cleaning leathers, silks and suedes in perc or hydrocarbon solvents apply Lival Licker Konz as follows:

  • Dilute with water in ratio of 1 part Lival Licker Konz and 10 parts water.
  • It is recommended to place the water first and then add Lival Licker Konz to it, stirring solution well.
  •  Apply approximately 200ml of this leather emulsion per leather item uniformly with a spray gun.
  • Moisten the leather regularly.
  • Leave the treated textiles to air dry for approximately 60 minutes.
  • Next tumble dry the treated textiles for a few minutes in order to level out the fats in the textiles.
  •  Add sponges to the tumble dryer when drying suedes and artificial leathers to help intensify colours.

To clean and re-grease leathers and suedes in wet cleaning apply Lival Licker Konz as follows:

  • Wash textiles only on a gentle wet cleaning cycle, specifically programmed for leathers and suedes. Use only a mild detergent such as Oldopal Basic or Ozerna Polar. Please note too much mechanical action in the wash cycle may cause permanent damage to leathers and suedes. Approximate washing time is 10 to 15 minutes at only 20° Celsius, no higher.
  • After above cycle is complete, leathers and suedes are ready for re-greasing. Add approximately 15 to 30ml of Lival Licker Konz per kg of textiles to the solution. Then re-grease textiles with this solution on a gentle wet cleaning cycle for approximately 5 minutes.

Use Lival Licker Konz to wet clean silks as follows:

  • Add approximately 75ml of Lival Licker Konz to 10 litres of water.
  • Stir solution well.
  • Place silk item in to the solution and carefully move them around by hand for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Next hang silk item to air dry.

Due to the large risk of damaging delicate items, only experienced dry cleaners should clean leathers, silks and suedes. Also, it is important to follow the cleaning processes outlined above.

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