Laundry Emulsifiers

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Laundry Emulsifiers quickly dissolve even stubborn grease stains! Remove greasy food, fake tan, make up and oil with our commercial laundry emulsifiers.

How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes and Linen

Find out how to remove grease stains from clothes and linen and get better laundry results. Use the following simple methods.

What are Grease Stains?

The most common grease stains on clothes and linen are from fatty foods. This includes fried food, cooking oils and sauces. In addition, other greasy stains include fake tan, make up and nail varnish on dresses, towels and bed linen. Also, another greasy stain often found on table cloths is candle wax.

Work overalls worn by mechanics and painters often have grease stains on them such as oil, paint and tar stains.

Grease stains also include black marks and shoe polish found on the bottom of long dresses, in particularly wedding gowns.

Many commercial laundries also wash football, rugby and soccer kits covered in mud, which is also a grease based stain.

Add Laundry Emulsifiers to a Pre-Wash Cycle

We always recommend using a pre-wash cycle to get the best results when washing greasy clothes and linen.

Add a laundry emulsifier to a pre-wash cycle at a low temperature of less than 30 degrees Celsius. It is important the pre-wash is a low temperature in order to avoid heat fixing greasy stains to fabrics.

Add between 2ml to 15ml of laundry emulsifier per kg of laundry. Use the lower dosage for lightly soiled textiles, the higher dosage for heavily soiled textiles.

During the pre-wash cycle the combination of laundry emulsifier and water will start to break down greasy stains.

We sell Emulsifier 20 litres as a very cost effective solution for professional laundries washing clothes and linen with greasy stains.

We recommend Oilaway to commercial laundries requiring an extra strength laundry degreaser in the pre-wash cycle. Premium Emulsifier works fast to dissolve even tough greasy stains even on hotel and restaurant linen. This includes aprons, kitchen cloths, napkins, table linen, overalls, workwear and chef uniforms.

All the laundry emulsifiers we sell are safe to use on coloured fabrics in addition to white textiles.

Add Laundry Emulsifiers to the Main Hot Wash

If you don’t have a pre-wash cycle on your washing machine we have a solution. You can add laundry emulsifiers to the main hot wash.

Add Dormer Oilaway in addition to your main detergent. Put 5 to 10ml of Oilaway per kg of laundry at the start of the hot wash.  Use the higher dosage on items with heavy grease or oil stains. Dormer Oilaway will help break down even stubborn grease.

Use Laundry Emulsifiers to Pretreat Delicate Garments 

Remove grease stains from delicate garments such as bridal gowns and dresses by pretreating with a laundry emulsifier. Use Oldopal Quick because it is safe to use on colours and delicate textiles. Simply dilute Oldopal Quick 1 part product to 3 parts water and then spray solution on to garment. Leave to react for 15 minutes and see greasy stains including make up and fake tan start to dissolve. Next wash or wet clean textiles as normal.

Apply Oldopal Quick to also remove fake tan and make up from spa towels!

Use Concentrated Stain Removal Spotters for Greasy Stains

Use a concentrated stain removal spotter to break down very hard to remove grease and oil stains. Examples include removing candle wax from table linen or the residue from size stickers on garments. Also, removing chewing gum, glue and paint. As a result of their powerful formulation spotting agents provide the best chance of breaking down greasy stains.

We recommend pretreating stubborn grease stains with Detaprofi Lacex spotting agent. Apply only a few drops of Detaprofi Lacex because it is highly concentrated. Visit the product page for Detaprofi Lacex and read further detailed instructions on how to use it. Also, use Detaprofi Lacex to pretreat garments before either washing or dry cleaning them.

Use Laundry Emulsifiers to Reduce Risk of Fire in Laundries

Reduce the risk of fire in commercial laundries by using laundry emulsifiers as described above.  As a result of removing greasy and oily stains in your laundry process you reduce the risk of fire.

Residue from grease and oil in fabrics may catch fire during tumble drying or afterwards when textiles are still warm.