Non Biological Washing Powders

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Non Biological Washing Powders at bargain prices! Wide range of high quality commercial and household non biological washing powders. Order now to get fast delivery across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Commercial Non Biological Washing Powders

Commercial non biological washing powders at bargain prices because we are the leading wholesaler of laundry detergents in Ireland. Order commercial non biological detergent in large 20kg bags.

Buy the best selling Saponmatic Forte 20kg to get very good cleaning results and also a lovely fresh scent. Also, great value!

Another best seller, Taid Professional 20kg, leaves garments very clean and with a lovely smell. Also available in 10kg boxes.

Use Saponmatic Forte and Taid Professional to wash colours and whites.

Use Non Biological Washing Powders to Wash White Linen

Commercial and industrial laundries use Saponmatic Hygiene to wash white linen such as bed linen, table cloths and napkins. Also, used to wash chefs uniforms, kitchen workwear and kitchen cloths.

Saponmatic Hygiene non biological washing powder delivers industrial strength cleaning power because it contains extra oxidising bleach. For best results, use Saponmatic Hygiene in hot washes of 60 or 70 degrees Celsius.

All our commercial non biological washing powders dissolve easily and flow well in industrial washing machines.

Household Non Biological Washing Powders

Order household non biological washing powders at bargain prices in 6.5kg or 10kg boxes.

Buy Prudax Sensitive 6.5kg and get approximately 90 washes per box.

Buy Taid Professional 10kg and get approximately 120 washes per box.

Use Prudax Sensitive and Taid Professional to wash colours and whites. Both give garments a lovely fresh smell. Also, both dissolve quickly and flow well in domestic machines. In addition, Taid Professional is available in extra large 20kg bags

Best Washing Powder for Sensitive Skin

Avoid poor quality laundry detergents made with poor quality perfume to reduce risk of skin irritation.

Use Prudax Sensitive 6.5kg to wash garments worn by people with sensitive skin. As a result of it’s gentle non biological formulation Prudax Sensitive reduces the risk of skin irritation. Made by the Swiss Company, Roesch, Prudax Sensitive contains only high quality ingredients including Aloe Vera. Also, Prudax Sensitives delivers excellent cleaning results.