Fabric Conditioners

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Fabric Conditioners & Softeners at bargain prices with fast delivery! Wide range of commercial & household fabric conditoners with long lasting, lovely scents. Buy now.

Commercial Fabric Conditioners & Softeners

Choose from our best selling commercial fabric conditioners in a range of sizes from 1.5 litre to 20 litres. Add Dormer Soft to your wash and get lovely soft clothes. Made with a super concentrated formula order Dormer Soft in either 5 or 20 litres.

Looking for a fabric conditioner and softener with a lovely scent that survives the heat of commercial tumble dryers? We have the perfect solutions!

Commercial and industrial tumble dryers generate high heat and because of this often blow away scent from fabric softeners. As a result use either Lizerna Soft or Lizerna Aura. Both made with lovely scents designed and tested to survive the heat of large tumble dryers.

We also supply Lenor Professional Fabric Softener S2 for both manual or auto dosing. Part of the P&G Professional range of laundry products, give your clothes a lovely fresh fragrance with Lenor. Contact us now to discuss auto dosing options for your laundry.

Household Fabric Conditioners & Softeners

We also stock a wide range of household fabric conditioners and softeners at bargain prices! All made with lovely fragrances including fresh, lavender and rose fragrances.

Choose from our best selling household fabric softeners Sentinell Fresh, Sentinell Lavender and Sentinell Rose. Best sellers because they have lovely scents and leave textiles feeling very soft. Also, they are great value starting at ONLY €1.80+VAT for 1.5 litres! Available in 1.5 litres and 5 litres. Also, Sentinell Fresh and Sentinell Rose available in 4 litres at fantastic value ONLY €2.25+VAT!

Benefits of Using Fabric Conditioners & Softeners

What are the benefits of using fabric conditioners and softeners?

  1. Get lovely soft garments and textiles.
  2. Add a pleasant smell to your clothes and textiles.
  3. Reduce static in textiles and as a result speed up ironing.
  4. Happy customers impressed with the lovely finish to clothes and textiles washed in commercial laundries.

Encapsulated Fabric Conditioners & Softeners with Long Lasting Scent

Fragrance from encapsulated fabric conditioners and softeners can last up to several weeks! Made with microcapsules that gradually release a lovely fragrance for a long lasting scent. Microcapsules burst and release their scent over time as a result of being in contact with body heat. Therefore,  people smell a lovely fresh fragrance from their clothes when they wear them.

Buy our best selling encapsulated fabric conditioner, Lizerna Aura, for a super concentrated long lasting fragrance!

How to Use Fabric Softeners & Conditioners

Add between 5 and 20ml of fabric softeners per kg of laundry to the final rinse. Don’t add fabric conditioners before the final rinse because they will not work correctly.

Pour fabric softeners only in to the allocated drawer or hopper in your washing machine. Check your washing machine instruction manual to confirm the correct drawer. As a result your washing machine correctly adds fabric softener to the final rinse.

Don’t always add fabric softeners when you are washing textiles made of high absorbent materials such as towels. This is because fabric conditioners can reduce the absorbency of towels. Therefore, add fabric softeners only every 2 or 3 washes in order to keep towels highly absorbent.