Fabric Conditioners

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Fabric Conditioners and Softeners that leave garments with a very pleasant scent and also a lovely soft feel. As  result, helping you get the best laundry results!

Choose from our wide range of fabric conditioners at very competitive prices with fast delivery across Ireland.

Benefits of Using Fabric Conditioners & Softeners

What are the benefits of using fabric conditioners and softeners?

  1. Get lovely soft garments and textiles.
  2. Add a pleasant smell to your clothes and textiles.
  3. Reduce static in textiles and as a result speed up ironing.
  4. Happy customers impressed with the lovely finish to clothes and textiles washed in commercial laundries.

How to Use Fabric Softeners & Conditioners

Add between 5 and 10ml of fabric softeners per kg of laundry to the final rinse. Don’t add fabric conditioners before the final rinse because they will not work correctly.

Pour fabric softeners only in to the allocated drawer or hopper in your washing machine. Check your washing machine instruction manual to confirm the correct drawer. As a result your washing machine correctly adds fabric softener to the final rinse.

Be careful applying softener to textiles made of highly absorbent materials such as towels. This is because fabric conditioners can reduce the absorbency of towels. Therefore, only add softener to every fourth or fifth wash of towels to keep them lovely and soft.

Commercial Fabric Conditioners and Softeners

We wholesale commercial fabric conditioners and softeners across Ireland and keep large stocks. As a result we offer fast delivery at very competitive prices!

We only sell professional fabric conditioners made by leading European manufacturers. Therefore, all made with high quality ingredients and perfumes.

Which Fabric Conditioner do I choose?

To help you choose the best fabric conditioner for your laundry please read on below.

Fabric Softener for Manual Dosing

Many people find it easier to use 5 litre or smaller drums for manually dosing fabric softener because they are lighter to lift. As a result making it simpler to pour the correct dosage in to your washing machine, avoiding unnecessary spillage.

Also, the 4 and 5 litre drums are suitable for both commercial and domestic use. Plus great value for use on household laundry!

What is the difference between our Sentinell 4 and 5 litre conditioners apart from the different sizes?

Our Sentinell 5 litre fabric conditioners are slightly less concentrated but are best sellers because they still leave garments feeling soft to touch with a pleasant scent. Plus they are also great value!

Our 4 litre Sentinell Fresh and Sentinell Rose are the least concentrated but still very effective at reducing static. Also, they are our cheapest fabric conditioner and incredible value!

Fabric Conditioners in 20 Litre Drums

We sell 20 litre fabric conditioners to professional users including commercial laundries, dry cleaners, hotels, nursing homes and schools. Also, our 20 litre fabric softeners are suitable for both manual and auto dosing with a pump system.

Eliminating Static

All our conditioners are very effective at eliminating static from garments, leaving them feeling lovely and soft to touch. However, if there is a lot of static in your textiles then use a more concentrated softener. We recommend either our 5 litre Dormer Concentrated Fabric Conditioner. For excellent anti-static for professional users we suggest Dormer Premium Fabric Conditioner, Dormer Concentrated Fabric Conditioner or Lenor.

Choice of Fragrances

Choose fabric softeners depending on the fragrance you like best. Looking for a lovely rose scent? Prefer a lavender fragrance for your garments? Or do you like your clothes to have a very pleasant laundry fresh smell? In addition, if you require a stronger scent use the concentrated 1.5 litre Sentinell Fresh, Sentinell Lavender or Sentinell Rose.

Long Lasting Scent

Are you using a large commercial tumble dryer to dry garments? If so, you need a fabric softener with a fragrance that survives the heat of a larger dryer. Therefore, we recommend either our Dormer Premium Fabric Softener 20 litres or Lenor Fabric Conditioner because both leave garments with a very pleasant scent. In particular, Lenor Fabric Softener leaves textiles with a lovely long lasting scent and is available in either 10 or 20 litres.

Concentrated Fabric Conditioner for Professional Use

We are often asked what is the difference between Dormer Premium Fabric Conditioner and Dormer Soft Concentrated Fabric Conditioner? Both leave garments with a lovely fresh fragrance and free of static. However, made with a special formula Dormer Soft Concentrated Fabric Conditioner is a much thicker liquid. As a result use it either neat or diluted one to one with water. Customers looking for a thicker softener, with high viscosity, choose our Dormer Concentrated Fabric Conditioner available in 5 or 20 litre drums.

Buy Fabric Conditioners Online

It is simple to buy fabric conditioners online in just a few clicks with our super fast and secure checkout. Pay by credit card or PayPal and get fast delivery! Buy now.