Biological Washing Powders

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Biological Washing Powders at bargain prices! Wide choice of quality commercial and household biological washing powders. Buy now and get fast delivery across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Commercial Biological Washing Powders

Choose from our wide range of high quality commercial biological washing powders. Buy large 20kg or 25kg bags of biological laundry detergent to get great value on industrial strength washing powders!

As a result of it’s incredible value many commercial and industrial laundries use Sentimat Professional 20kg. Gentle on colours, effective at low temperatures and also pleasant fresh fragrance.

Order our best selling commercial biological washing powder, Nawamat 20kg.  Use Nawamat to wash clothes, sports kits (football, rugby, soccer), hotel and restaurant linen. As a result of powerful stain removal properties Nawamat delivers excellent cleaning results from low temperatures. Use Nawamat to wash colours and whites.

Looking for a super concentrated biological washing powder? Order Seikomat Professional 15kg to remove even heavy stains with lower dosages per load.

Buy Seikomat Professional 15kg to wash very heavily soiled clothes, linen and textiles.

All the above washing powders dissolve and flow very well even when used in low temperature washes. Also, they leave colours clean and bright!

Get fast delivery on commercial biological washing powders because we keep large stocks as Ireland’s leading wholesaler of laundry detergents.

Household Biological Washing Powders

Order household biological washing powders at bargain prices in 6.5kg boxes or 20kg bags. Both Prudax Biological 6.5kg and Sentimat Professional 20kg are best sellers because of their excellent cleaning and prices. Also, both leave garments and textiles with a lovely fresh fragrance. Plus, they dissolve easily and flow well in domestic washing machines.

Order Prudax Biological 6.5kg and get approximately 90 washes.

Order Sentimat Professional 20kg and get approximately 240 washes.

Bulk Buy Wholesale Washing Powders

Looking to bulk buy washing powders? Looking for pallets of washing powder for sale? No problem because we keep large stocks in our warehouse in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth ready for shipping!

We don’t like the term cheap washing powder because it usually means poor quality. As a result we don’t sell cheap laundry detergents but instead high quality washing powder at very competitive prices.

How do we do this? Simple! Firstly, our manufacturers are some of the largest producers of laundry products in Europe. Secondly, Dormer is the leading wholesaler of all things laundry in Ireland. Therefore, we have huge economies of scale!

Contact Us Now for a quote on pallets of washing powder.

What is the Difference Between Biological and Non Biological Washing Powders?

Biological and non biological washing powders both deliver excellent cleaning results. Use either in commercial or domestic washing machines. However there are key differences:

  1. Biological washing powders contain special biological enzymes that deliver powerful cleaning results at lower temperatures. As a result, use biological detergent in cool washes starting at 30 or 40 degrees Celsius for powerful stain removal.
  2. Non Biological washing powders contain more oxidising bleach instead of biological enzymes. As a result they are more effective at cleaning whites, in particular white linen. Also, use non biological detergents in washes at 40 or even hotter at 60 degrees Celsius for best results.
  3. Due to relying on biological enzymes rather than oxidising bleach to remove stains, biological detergent is gentle on colours. Therefore, to avoid fading colours (also known as causing greying of colours) use a biological powder.
  4. Use a non biological powder or liquid detergent to wash garments worn by people with sensitive skin. Some people may get skin irritation from biological enzymes in biological laundry detergents. However, in many cases skin irritation is the result of poor quality washing powders containing low quality perfumes.